Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Skating

Roman ice skate for the very first time on Saturday. I was gladly surprised that he asked me that he want to try to skate.

  It was amazing when I just finished put them on his feet he stand up like he always use them before.
Then we went to the ice rink and he started to stand up without touching the wall, the he told me to go to the center, I was afraid because I never did it myself, being away the wall it was something scary to me, but he was all confident, he fell many times but I help him to stand up and finally he learn how to stand up by himself. He discovered what he could do with his skates and he feel so proud of himself. I think he is already like a professional because he was turning, going fast and he look confident.

  Now he asked to me to go again and he want his own ice skates.  We enjoy that day so very much.

  And of course was a sunny, not windy, all white of snow, families having fun, a redish pink, orange sunset and great music for the heart. And the best of ALL: THE WARM SMILE OF ROMAN.

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