Saturday, February 2, 2008

Mi Querido Power Ranger

Ya va a ser el cumplean~os de mi pequen~o Roman, y aunque por ahora estoy lejos de 'el, mi corazo'n esta con 'el.

El dia del Amor y la Amistad se acerca y me llena de alegria el corazon, ojala ustedes tambien esten llenos de amor y si no, les mando un borbollon desde mi nuevo hogar: Las Vegas.

No pierdan la opotunidad de ser felices, pues solo tenemos una sola vida, disfrutenla y que todos sus deseos se cumplan.

Que el 2008 sea para ustedes el inicio de mil cosas buenas y el fin de cosas feas.

Un beso a todos mis lectores.

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chicago bound said...

Your sadness is my sadness. Your loss is my loss. While you are far from your son fear not for your love for him will keep him strong. I will remind him of your love everyday. I will tell him although you are away from each other in body you are not in soul. Your love for him and his for you has no boundries no distance no end.

Always know your son is safe. I may have failed him with the loss of our lives together, the two of us, the three of us, the five of us I will fail him no more. I will be a better person and father to him and myself. To my older children as well. I have learned this from you. I may have learned this to late for you and I but not for them. When your love was mine you showed me how to love and how beautiful your love is. Like I said I learned too late.
I can not fail him.
He has your smile and your eyes. When I look at him I see you.

I wish you all the best that this world has to offer. I pray for this. I will be there for you and our children Roman,Elycia and Alfredo because my love YOU and our childern has no boundries no distance and no end.